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Full Version: Memoirs of a Geisha
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Hey what do you guys think about this movie? I liked itt XD Vote
it's already out where you live? i want to see it but i think i will be dissapointed..the reviews aren't that promising

i know it's out on australia day which is the 25th jan..which is AGES's released earlier in hk..on the 12th
0_0 it was already out on Dec 9th for us, we get it the same time as the US

i kno the reviews aren't that good, but I guess it's not their kind of movie, i enjoyed it lol


is that drama? i dont like drama at all,
i should just skip that movie and wait for
new action ones Smile
i was gonna watch it until other plans came up.....ppl said that the movie wasn't that great but the picture the setting and propz and the fashion and stuff, never read the book so i'll give it a 5 lol
I seen that picture SOMEwhere..but never watched the movie..what is it about?
lol it's about a girl becoming a geisha *RE*
I loved the book, haven't seen the movie cause its not out in Australia yet. READ THE BOOK
i havent seen it, is it horror?
nope, its about the struggle of a japanese girl growing up to become a geisha
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