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What series are u guys currently watching? Any good ones lately? I was gonna ask abt ur fav actos/actresses but michelle already started so how abt name an actor/actress (or more) u cannot matter what roles they play, u just cant bring urself to like them.
i hate sonija even she plays a good person in any serie!!!!!
i hate her so much in perish in the name of love.... shes so selfish and cruel! (her character i mean but still...) her acting is so not good .. i think lol


YESS...Sonija! i dont like her either.....first time i saw her in Step from the Past, i disliked her from the start and ever since....same goes for Charmaine, i cant stand watching her series thats why i dont..haha...


I like lo ga leung... (the guy who's tall, part of eeg and won lots of best male series filmer) It seems like for the past 6-7 yrs, every character he's acted has been very special, and weird... but having afeeling of superhuman like... but yeah, he's good.

then there's Louis Koo... a friend of mine wants to marry him, but unfortunately she's only 15... :roll: but yeah, Louis is SOOO cool... 8)


hrm..there's that series with ron ng in it atm..but im not watching it

and this other moive with moses and maggie...seems good i only seen 1 episode -___-"

the last series i watched...FULLY was to get unstuck in time..cause it was goooooooooood

i personally like flora and roger...but i think maggie has grown on me again


Louis Koo is HOTT...but some of his gestures r pretty gay ><

oh...Gallen Lo....he's ok...i like him best in Golden Faith but thats abt it....he looks too fat now....not good...nono

yea..Unstuck was GOOD...they should have more series of Gao San and Morning Sir...err gayed Roger had to change her faith

lol...even Miriam Yeung is watching that show with Maggie and Moses..haha

i wanna see Catch the Uncatchable...i heard its really good.
I'm about to watch War and Beauty... also Healing Hands I, I haven't got time to watch them though... I'm watching VOHII on TV but have been skipping it so much..

You guys know who I hate, for example, Bobby Au Yeung, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, oh, by the way, Sonija is cool, you guys all hate her... I used to hate her until she played those nice roles.. like Family Man and AoM 3D.. I also hate Myolie Wu.. haha


"To get unstuck in time" was an example of how a corny plot can become so good, the acting was well and the investigations which used Tin Gwong's father to investigate stuff in the past was pretty real, how the emotions of the characters get thrown about, lol and you can see how dedicated Tin Gwong's father is to him when he requested him to chuck a dummy that weighs like a human down from a 4th? story apartment building, and there were no elevators LOL. He had to throw it so many times LOL. I reckon Flora's characters were pretty silly, doesn't compare up to her previous roles but it was still alright, in the beginning her character was interesting enough how she got onto tin gwong's nerves so easily LOL.

I've also watched To catch the uncatchable, michael tong's character was... a guy who is overly in love with ada choi's character LOL, it was ada right? *RE* Yeah... but I reckon this series did well, those cases were half interesting and how smart the main character actually is is portrayed quite well, especially his weakness which was a bad respiratory system LOL...

War and Beauty, man that series is good, first ancient series that I half watched ^^", those women can be so evil LOL.

And... yeah I actually have no favourite actor/actress nor do I hate any
lol Yeah TGUIT and TCTU was gooood... I think I like TCTU more, because I don't like Roger.. hoho
hey! twin of brothers is not bad!...but i dun really understand some of the terms thou. triumph in the skies is very good too!!! the 6 olympic stars are pretty sexy!! haha
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