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Full Version: Song Request
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i dunno who sings it or the title of the song...
the only thing i know is that it was in mandarin and the guys sing this...

In the MTV the the guy(singer) was like emotionless and the girl died at the end -_-....from some sickness...

thats all i know o.O lol anyone know what i'm talking about
dunno but i know michael kong had a really sad video ppl said that a girl died.....look him up
oh i think i knoe wht song ur talkin abt!! it called "Tong Hua" sang by micheal Guang Liang!!..hehe Big Grin

here is the mv tong hua!!..but u can't save it...but u can listen n watch it tho!!..if it's the right song as ur talkin abt then i can try n find the mp3 of this song 4 2!! WISH U A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Big Grin Big Grin

caps 4rm MV(not in order):
[Image: getstill9mo.jpg][Image: getstill3xr.jpg][Image: getstill6fz.jpg][Image: getstill7eb.jpg][Image: getstill0xz.jpg][Image: getstill0oo.jpg]

[Image: getstill7gs.jpg][Image: getstill9oe.jpg][Image: getstill0pn.jpg][Image: getstill5ng.jpg][Image: getstill0tp.jpg][Image: getstill2sq.jpg]

yes i know this mv and song! its really popular! the singer is called 'gwong liang' u want the song?
can someone plz type the title and the artist's name in chinese? i dun think i've heard of this song Tongue


yup! yup! 'tong hua' from guang liang ( micheal wong ).... i watch and listen this mv many many time....i think almost more than 20 times...
omg .... :bawling: i couldnt stop crying the first time i saw it lol cuz it was sooo .... romantic/sad ... lol i usually dont cry about these things but probably the song was too beautiful ... lol
WaterWonders Wrote:can someone plz type the title and the artist's name in chinese? i dun think i've heard of this song Tongue

title: (Tong Hua) 童话

artist: (Guang Liang) 光良
i heard this story from my fren. real story from taiwan news...

this silbings aged 7and 9 in taiwan were out buying sumthing. as they were about to cross the road, a car swerved and hit the younger brother. he died on the spot. and when news got to the press, the reporter interviewed the elder sister and asked if she had anything to tell the younger brother. she started singing...'wo yuan bian cheng, tong hua li, ni ai de na ge tian shi...' which means i am willing to become the angel that you love in the fairytale...

i had never even heard of the song!1 just watched the video.. that is amazing... what year was it made? id b surprisd if tht didnt win an award for something Tongue!
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