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Full Version: Miriam on LOLLIE PACKET
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[Image: miriam4xk.jpg]
Miriam on a lollie packet ^^ =D Big Grin i was cracking up so much when i saw it at the chinese supermarket
oo looks yummy tho
oh, i once saw joey on a biscuit packet.. but i don't like the biscuit. and i think it's not real as in they just print her pict on without her actually promoting for them.


omg i know those lollies!!! i love them!!!
Hahaha, mango lollies
lol haha are those those jelly things gummy stuff i like them hehe well i dont really care who they put on, i care about hte food
LOL QOO. u make my laugh all the time. they're like jelly gummy things..yummy Big Grin
yay!! mango lolliesss!! i love themmm!! <333 haha!! if joey was on it!! I would buy like DOZENS AND DOZENS!! coz i love the food.. and even the package is perfect ^^
omg I went to China and saw Joey on so much food wrappers and packings!


If Malaysia have such packing on candy I sure buy it no matter Joey or Miriam then keep the packet but I not that lucky. I just have SHE packet that my friend bought for me from China. The important thing is now I like Joey & Miriam and not SHE Sad
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