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Full Version: Jade Villalon - Far Away
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I like her voice =] dunno why they don't have her songs here in Australia...

I just realised that you can't upload mp3s to, no wonder the attachment didn't show up
thx for the music, is this canto-pop?
nah..its english
is this girl english or chinese?
I think she's American, but she's been more successful in Japan, other Asian Countries, and Europe. I only started listening to her songs after playing Final Fantasy X-2 :o to which she sang the theme songs. I listened to some of her own material, which was pretty good. She bases her songs on well know 'classical' tunes.

Her Site

Some photos

[Image: Jade_from_Sweetbox.jpg]
[Image: coveradagio.jpg]
wow lol what a picture you have like video games eh, then did you hear kelly songs, she sings for video games too i think
WOW HER PIC!!ermm duno wot to say about it!!
but she is very pretty