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Full Version: Favourite TVB actor/actress
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well, i know this used to be the old jg thread. but i really like this ques. hehe! so who's ur fav tvb actor or actress? ermmm..................can be more than one! i'll give my answer later! Smile
oopppsss! i think i got this into the wrong section. can someone plz help to shift this to another section?? sorry!


hrm...i like flora and roger a lot now after to get unstuck in time?? well they've always been good Big Grin i just think they are GOOOOOD GOOOOOD

if joey was considered a tvb actress...i would have to say...I LOVE JOEY -rOlleyes-

but yeah...i actually like a lot of them..but i kinda got too lazy to watch tvb series now..but maggie is COOL :wink: and so is moses...i just forgot wat that series is called -___-"
JOEY JOEY FLORA FLORA... lol umm who else? yes Maggie, Moses, and NANCY SIT (SEET) lol jk


haha michelle, i think newbs can help u move the thread later.

i dont have that many fav actors/actresses.....but some are Jessica Hsuan, Flora Chan, Yoyo Mung (i started to like her after Armed Reaction 4) Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Roger Kwok ( not acting but his voice, haha its cutee) and of course Joey Yung...i think thats all...

lol wayne....we kno u like nancy sit, dont have to deny it...and u forgot Ada Choi on ur list! cant believe u listed nancy and not ada..haha..tsk tsk
well, ada choi is really good. unfortunately, cant see her dat often in tvb dramas already. she's so pretty and cool!
moses is good too. and of course roger. they are getting better and better.
myolie...........always so good! thumbs up!
as for yoyo, i don't quite like her. don't think she can act dat well. :roll:
o yeah, i forgot about Ada, she's good

i also like kenix
kenix is so good in those crying scenes. she seems so real and makes u wanna cry too! Cry


kenix kwok...she's not bad...

i wanna see floraaaaaaaaaaa again ><

suck that she left tvb....making mando gay....not flora...talking abt the mando series... :roll:


flora, kenix, ada, joey - not just a pretty face !

dunno about guys... lol, the credits go up so fast man... and when I do pay attention to the credits its too late LOL.
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