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Full Version: Fiona - There Is A Bird
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Anyway, since nobody post this song up yet...this is fiona's new song "there is a bird" that is now a threat to HOCC and Joey...
thanks silverhawk,so nice of u!^^
lets see if fionas reali that good to threaten our joey.....
omg omg ive been wanting to get this song, so much thx!!!!


thanx, i think this song is pretty catchy
ok just listen to be honest,its better than i thought it would be,but i dont think its better than joeys new stuff
I think this song is no match to Snow Bearing Ground.
nah of course not!joeys songs+her voice are just too too good!
The middle part is kind of messy and confusing, and it does not bring out the quality as in Snow Bearing Ground and Denise's Completely Full.
haha well were all A BIT biased here anyways!
Oh well, There is a Bird is already "dead"!!
Big Grin

It's only HOCC VS Joey now!
(Guess who I'm supporting) Tongue
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