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Full Version: Janice - Never Let You Go
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Janice's new song from her latest album: Never Let You Go (english version of Big Brother). Enjoy!
lol thanks, i wanna see how she does it in english, but its hard to top her canto big brother......i find her songs in canto are better
thanks hawk!
thx hawk Big Grin
after hearing the song, I think her cantonese version is better. all the english songs she sings seems so cheesy
reali?but i think her actual singing in english is v.v.good!
lol, im not saying her singing is bad in english, its actually pretty good, but im saying the songs she sings has cheesy lyrics.
lol thats fair enough then!
I also found the lyrics cheesy....who wrote the lyrics to this song? at least janice's singing is good (not as good as the cantonese version though)
yea but i have a strong feeling shes gona be very good-just needs more practice+stuff
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