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Full Version: TVB - Always Ready
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I don't like Charmaine's hair, so short == who's watching this? I don't know if I should or not, how is it?

shortey vicky

This series look extremely boring, I'm not planning on watching it. Lol.
lol vicky i wouldnt say it looks boring,it looks....interesting ^^
it looks pretty cool to me
Hmm..yea..i don't like charmaine's hair cut either ><.. well.. i never did like charmaine that much either ><.. lolz! so.. shirely is going to be paired up with Bowie in this series!? :bite: age difference :S
well you got to be realistic about her hair, if shes in a rescue team shes not gonna have long flowing locks flying everywhere lol
she can tie it up, lol
i really dislike bowie
pauline.l Wrote:i really dislike bowie


I dislike charmaine Tongue lolz! and her hair style for this series isn't that good :|


LOL, then let me add into it.

i dislike that gurl that has headphones on her. see i dislike her soo much that i dunt know her name Rolleyes i think it was shirmy or shirly. not sure. cuz i think her acting is like very fake.
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