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Full Version: 2006 World Cup
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Didn't know where this thread chitchat or in here..but since bm had his golf dude thread here then this thread goes here? oh i am a great mod LOL

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i CANT believe australia got in..LOL my dad was in tears nearly..after 31 years man but you have to admit..for those who watched the australian qualifying match..those saves at the end by the australian goalkeeper was GOOD

okay..i get a feeling france will take the cup..even though i love the english and brazilin's afterall in germany..home ground...huge advantage

i cant believe england didnt get into the semi finals in korea/japan..argh

i am going for brazil though...because i love them since 1998...when they lost..ahh poor glad they won in 2002!

i hope germany kicks ass again LOL..i remmber their scores were always 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-0 7-0 because their goal keeper aved EVERY SINGLE GOAL

until the finals when ronaldo just owned him..

oh i think i am a bit early..but come on!! world cup fever!! AHHHHHHHHH
OHH!! I LUFF BRAZIL!! Big Grin woohooo!! they r good!! but i think their old team was better..


go Canada Go!! u can make it into the top 100!
GK Wrote:go Canada Go!! u can make it into the top 100!

OHH!! yea!! 4got about Canada!! go home country!! Big Grin
LOL top you guys are so proud

the old brazil is good..i hope the new team lives up to the legendary team

i am looking foward to watch wayne rooney play...too bad he has a bad temper
lol van, you should have a chat with leo, he loves football too


no wait... GO AUSSIES!! WOOOOOO~~ Rolleyes

i hate australia...they fluked the goal
i hope they lose!
soccer n football is the same thing, the proper name for it is association football and soccer is short for that lol

i hope eng go out in the first round, brazil or argentina to win
of course i hope Australia will win but when they're agaisnt other pro countries, don't think Aus stands a chance. but its ok GO AUSSIE GO!
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