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Full Version: Winners of TVB 38th Anniversary Awards!
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Best Actor:
Top 5 Nominees:
Chung King Fei - My Family
Michael Miu - The Academy
Moses Chan - The Gentle Crackdown
Joe Ma - Revolving Doors Of Vengeance
Roger Kwok - Life Made Simple
Winner: Roger Kwok
[Image: U1343P28T3D901725F326DT20051120001815.jpg]

Best Actress:
Top 5 Nominees:
Liza Wang - War of In-Laws
Myolie Wu - War of In-Laws
Kenix Kwok - Revolving Doors Of Vengeance
Gigi Lai - The Charm Beneath
Jessica Hsuan - Life Made Simple
Winner: Liza Wang
[Image: U1343P28T3D901730F326DT20051120001914.jpg]

Most Improved Actor:
Top 5 Nominees:
Alex Fong - My Family
Kenneth Ma - Scavenger's Paradise
Sammul Chan -The Academy
Bosco Wong - War of In Laws
Raymond Cho - Healing Hands III
Winner: Bosco Wong
[Image: U1343P28T3D901729F326DT20051120001902.jpg]

Most Improved Actress:
Top 5 Nominees:
Leila Tong - The Last Breakthough
Bernice Liu - Love Bond
Tavia Yeung - The Prince's Shadow
Niki Chow - The Gentle Crackdown
Elaine Yiu - Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Winner: Niki Chow
[Image: U1343P28T3D901728F326DT20051120001844.jpg]

Best Supporting Actor:
Top 5 Nominees:
Ha Yu - My Family
Paul Chun - Love Bond
Wayne Lai - Scavenger's Paradise
John Chiang - Revolving Doors of Vengenace
Kenneth Ma - Into Thin Air
Winner: Ha Yu
[Image: U1343P28T3D901727F326DT20051120001836.jpg]

Best Supporting Actress:
Top 5 Nominees:
Rebecca Chan - My Family
Michelle Yim - The Gentle Crackdown
Christine Ng - War of In Laws
Kiki Sheung - The Charm Beneath
Angela Tong - Life Made Simple
Winner: Angela Tong
[Image: U1343P28T3D901726F326DT20051120001828.jpg]

Best Series of the Year
Top 3 nominees: My Family, War of In-Laws, Life Made Simple
Winner: War of In Laws

Best Host
Top 5 nominees:
Eric Tsang - Super Trio Show
Hacken Lee - Minutes To Fame II
Joey Leung - Minutes To Fame II
Dodo Cheng - Justice For All II
Liza Wang - The Unforgettables
Winner: Dodo Cheng

Best Show
Top 3 nominees: Super Trio Show, Minutes To Fame II, Justice For All II
Winner: Minutes To Fame II

Most Creative Show
Top 3 nominees: Super Trio Show, Minutes To Fame II, Justice For All II
Winner: Minutes To Fame II

Best Foreign/Non-TVB Series
Top 3 nominees: Tin Kwok De Tai Kap, Jewel in the Palace, Full House
Winner: Jewel in the Palace

Best Promotional Clip
Top 3 nominees: Jewel in the Palace, Sport Show, War of In-Laws - Spitting Fire Clip
Winner: War of In Laws

Most Enjoyable Show
Winner: 1405 Cheng Wo Ha Sai Yeung

Honoured Actress (荣誉大奖Wink
Winner: Ha Ping
No one get offended by my opinions plz:

OK!! I felt that this year TVB lacks in awards!! I mean.. they don't even have "Fav Character Awards"!! only one actress/actor out of the fan dan/ siu sung can win each year now!! that's bad!! All of the fan dan/siu sung showed soo much effort in each series they act in!! and they don't even get reconized!!! AND NOW the awards r soo boring!! "Minutes to Fame" getting two awards!? wow......... ==

hmmm..i do like Roger..since he can really act.. but he got the award again for acting as ah wong AGAIN.. i unno.. it dosn't seem soo refreshing.. it's not new to the audience..

as for the female: i really really did want Jessica to win sooo very badly.. but then i knew she didn't have a high percentage of wining this year.. so Liza got the award at last! Big Grin and i'm happy for her too!!

The most improved actor award:
GOO BOSCO!! he totally deserved it this year!! WARS OF IN-LAWS in myolie!! BOSCOLIE! they were just great!! Big Grin and plus in Life Made Simple.. he's doing quite well Big Grin

Now now.. as for most improved actress: (no one get offended here)
Seriously!? NIKI CHOW!? common.. it's not her this year.. this award is not meant for her this year!! she has only been in 2 tvb series.. She's not that good to me..
what about Leila and Bernce (altho i don't like them that much) they totally deserved it! there acting as improved quite a lot.. and they were in a lot of good tvb series!

WARS OF IN LAWS WON!!! i'm sooo happy!! go BOSCOLIEE!!!!! <3333333 It was a very very awesome series!! Big Grin congrats!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
wth? wat is this series my family? i've never heard of it and it's nominated in like every category

i can't believe the charm beneath didn't win any awards

i agree, roger doesn't deserve the award for the same role he played b4, that's just dumb, give it to someone else

there were a lot of series better than WOIL, it was prob cuz liza was in there, and she didn't deserve the award either

elaine yu didn't deserve to be nominated either cuz her acting sucked in RDOV she was so fake ==


my family was the series with Alex Fong (singer), hawrick lau and shirley yeung...i guess its a highly praised series due to those veteran actors in it.

did anyone watches the show? i heard its really boringg...they tried to make it like the Emmys Award.

charm beneath is just an average series, it hasnt even reached 30 points yet.

omg i agree with roger not deserving to win the award...he'd already won the award for "ah wong"...portraying the char again is nothing new to him...wat if there's to be another sequel to the series, is he gonna win it for the 3rd time? thats soo gay. moses deserves it more!

as for actress, liza doesnt deserves it either, her acting was soo overacted in WOIL...and her hair for the nite ==' same goes for myolie...they def need new hairstylists lol

WOIL received the highest rating this yr so yeah....

only person who deservd the award was Bosco. congrats to him.

poor kenix, another yr of disappointment. but o well, cant take tvb awards too seriously, they are biased! they give the awards to whoever they want to.

PS: TITS 2 has been shelved! disappointed wayne? haha
omgg really? whyyyy? i am disappointed, i heard stupid francis ng said he would do it if the pay was good, greedy farker

poor kenix i really wanted her to win, she was in a lot of series this year


haha yea...francis ng is greedy, he only do a series if the pay is good.

i guess they cant find the right actor lead for now and also maybe issues with the locations to shoot the series?

every yr its thought for kenix to win but she never does...poor kenix :therether and next yr seems to be more competitive cause of one ada's series is an anniversary show for next yr and the series has a strong casts.
oo i can't wait to watch that show

well i guess it's better to wait for better casts then crap ones

shortey vicky

Wow, there are so little awards this year! Yay! Congratulations to Bosco! <3 He totally deserves that award hehe. ;D Elaine getting nominated must be a HUGE JOKE! Her acting suck horsepuke in RDOV. I couldn't stand her. Ella should of been nominated instead, in this case. =.=
awww, Kenix didnt win!! i realli wanted her to win, i thought that her role was harder to act than Liza's. Hopefully next yr, cuz she realli deserves it. i'm happi that Ha Yu won, he was so funni in My Family! i dont think that the War of In Laws is DAT good, i mean, Liza did a good job in making it funni, but not good enough for it to win Best Series, i likes RDOV better. and i personally thought that Misleading Track was pretty good too, can't believe that Bowie didnt even get top 5.

but still, i cant wait to watch this on TV!
Ohh!! u r right!! Bowie's not in the top five >< >< ><... wow..i think Bowie can act very well!! Hmmm.. woah..a lot of ppl wanted Kenix.. hmmm.. i guess her acting is pretty good Big Grin but yet.. she doesn't have a character that makes her stand out a lot yet >< ... hopefully she'll get one that will stand out a lot next year

no offense.. but i didn't really want Kenix to win ><
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