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Full Version: [REQ] Lyrics Translation (NOT pin yin but the meaning)
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does anyone know where i can find lyrics translation??
like.....the meaning of the song.
erm sorry,which song u talking about?


i want translation for Leo Ku's songs^^

actually, i'm also looking for a site that has translation for all songs


it's crude, but it's convenient enough
omg ... that site is cool...but its to get someone to translate it or goto a english leo forum, see if anyone there has the translated versions...

jg has lyrics translations for joey songs Big Grin


inblaq -- omg lol. apparently, i did use altavista before i posted XD didn't make any sense

Rain -- i couldn't find an eng leo forum, not even one o_______O very disappointing.

actually.....there is ONE. it's one of those forum where u just post....and then there's a million other posts and it's super messy. >>
cinple forums r kinda messy...but u will get a response really quick at the leo cinple forum. the ppl there r really active
hmm thats too bad about the eng leo forum......

GO JOEY GO JOEY ^^ Joey is so cool she has english fan forums Smile


oh wow! u guys are SUPER active!!!!!!! lol!!

guess what i found?? i found a leo ku KOREAN site LMAO! i never knew he had korean fans o____O (this shouldn't be surprising but i am)

u just gotta check it out, its really amazing >>

and here's a taiwan forum, really good >>

and Rain.....leo's cool too~~~~~~~~~ (>_<)
haha leo is coool, hes one of my fav guy singers Smile but JOEYS TOO COOL ^^ actually I'm just really proud of jg
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