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Full Version: Life Made Simple (Square Pegs II)
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Since this series has just been released, lets talk about it from the start till the end. Well, I was looking forward to Bosco but he didn't appear yet in the first 3 episodes (damn!). I wish Leila wasn't a bad character, I'm too used to her being good but that just proves she can portray many different characters therefore a good actress.
By the looks of the first 3 episodes, the series isn't that good...but maybe that's just the beginning. Maybe, its just different as a modern series.

anyways, u guys can comment on...


i'm disappointed in the overall 'michael chung' in there... but bosco did a great job if it was plain acting only... i would be really disappointed if he really is like that in real life... Sad


i havent watched it, but i havent really heard many good reviews for it. as in, what i've heard is like. square pegs I is much better and all. how is the new one different, eh?
Hmmm...i'm liking this series a lot! Big Grin altho i only get to watch 10mins of each epi..i still understand what's going on!! omg omg!! BOSCO AND JESSICA!! <333333333333 they r soo cute!! they kisseddd!! Tongue i know u guys will say.. "ewww" since Jessica's older than Bosco..but when you watch it..u may like them together! Big Grin i heard the ending..Ah Fung (Jessica) may not end up with Ah Wong (Roger) ><
i reckon Bosco and leila love is more cute ^^ they kissed too^^..i watched the ending..i didnt really like was..put it this way 'stupidly unpredictable'
what...the ending is out already??

i thought it ends in hk today
i rented this series...i reckon the ending of Square Pegs is better cos he becomes normal again lol
BTC is wayyyy better, i haven't watched ep 31 yet cuz i'm too busy, can't wait to watch the ending to see wat happens tho, however it's pretty obv wats gonna happen

this series was OK overall
the ending is so lame haha. i was expecting a bad ending awww
newbie123 Wrote:the ending is so lame haha. i was expecting a bad ending awww

hey! I loved the ending!! U WANTED a bad ending!? how could you!? :angry: JKS JKS!! Big Grin's SUCH A GOOD ending!! soo sweettt!! and the middle part of the last episode..made me cry :bawling: HAHA~~!! but the ending was awesome!! a very very good series!
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