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Full Version: All About Love!
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wahh..charlie looks soo pale and tired on that picture >
i havent seen the whole movie but i like sa better than charlie in the movie
QOObrethren Wrote:um.....isn't this dvd on sale on yesasia or about to go on sale. well this movie looks alright, but doesn't look to be really big, i mean doesn't seem to include violence, action, you know hte good stuff. i think its getting popular cuz the fact of andy an charlene and charlie being in it. andy should start to try out the old guys roles, hes getting way too old.
not all movies include action and violence. if all movies are like that then there wouldn't be different genres and people who aren't interested in violence and action would be bored..lollll andy is getting way too old eh, he has a movie out where 'he's getting old'

welll judgeing by the hk audience, i think they do like stuff with action, like kung fu for example and seven swords and the myth and etc etc
i watched seven swords, its really violent but its a good movie cos it kept me awake! lol...i like all about love because i suppose it has a good theme, teaching ppl to cherish their 'sun bin yun' and etc.
Hmm..i'm not very into this movie..personally..i don't like twins ><
WaterWonders Wrote:Hmm..i'm not very into this movie..personally..i don't like twins ><

lol so does that mean you wont like twins effects, new police story, etc with twins in them
twins are alrite, charlene is a better actress than gillian
i was wondering, has gillian starred in a movie without charlene.....seems that gillian doesn't act in much movies
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