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Full Version: Full version joey's newest song! heart sickness
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if you have dled the cd or you have ordered the cd... i'm sure you've wondered why there's a song that's only 50 seconds. Well, there is a full version of it coming out in the 2nd version of the cd. Recently, it was played on one of the radios in HK. I recorded it up to post it here if you dont have it yet.

Heart sickness


this song is soo good!! thanx phil

but man that dj...talked during the song ><
haha jn
oh man..when i listened to the song..i was thinking....this song is goood and then it stopped! how gayyy

thanks phil!


van Wrote:haha jn
oh man..when i listened to the song..i was thinking....this song is goood and then it stopped! how gayyy
i know... but the full version is GOOD man! Big Grin
second version? YAY! does that mean more mvs??? haha
lol thx phil
hmmm...that got me thinking...if the full version is in the 2nd version...should i wait for the 2nd version instead???...but the 1st version's cover is so purdy

if the 2nd version's cover is the same or even more purdy...then i might get that one instead...LOL
lol ya i was thinking that too.. i dunno wat to do.. and plus the 2nd version won't come out til months later, i don't want to wait that long
Man, to be Honest, I hate when they do that. They go and release the cd, then few months later they go an release a 2nd version. I'm telling you its just all a scheme to pull money in. I just wish they would just put it all on the first release.
I already bought the 1st version, and I don't want to buy the 2nd ver. just because it has a new MV or track on it, when you practically have 99% of the contents of the 2nd ver. already lol

oh well. Its good and bad in a way. Joey makes more money like that, but we lose more money like that, and its just pisses me off.

About the song, it is a good song. When I first heard it on the cd, I was like wtf, why put this track on if it is not the full version. Pretty stupid lol.
THXS PHIL!!! and about second version thing... i think its ok cuz joey gets more does get a lil annoying at time, maybe next time joey shoyuld do wut miriam did with m vs m, make 2 halves to a cd, which will mean that there will be more newer songs too!
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