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Full Version: the da vinchi code series
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has any one read any of the da vinchi code series? ive read 3 and still have digital fortress to read!! they are sooo good!! u sorta gotta force urself to read the first few chapters but after that .. trust me.. u cant put it down!! angels and demons is the best!!! all of u guys MUST read it!!
nope nope nope...dan brown...iv'e been told SOOO many times ot read that fact i have a copy of it in my room..but i still havne't touched it....

i wanan read "cracking the code" or something..i heard it's a book in reply to that series..but i think i ll have to read the actual series before that other book makes sense?
sori,ive neva even heard of it! it really that gd? heard that it's nice..but i dun have e book..


talk abt laziness van.. its in ur room and u still havent read it??
the books are really really good! i had to like gasp so many times coz it had so many twists and turns!! ..yes.. sounds a bit gay but thats how GOOD they are!
ooh, another Dan Brown fan! Yes i've read all of his books last year, i really like how each chapter ends with a "cliff-hanger"!


YEH!! woot woot! fianlly.. sumone else who has the brains to read books apart from harry potter!! yeh.. every ending is like *GASP* HOLY CAMOLLY BATMAN!


yeah i read the da vinci code, but i dont think it's all that...
just bought 'angels and demons', havent got time to read it yet... but heard it should be better than da vinci


oh it is!! i dont know y the da vinchi code was so much more famous..


i've read the da vinci code and it does not live up to rave reviews.

while it isn't a poor book, it's not spectacularly good either.

dan brown follows a formula with his books and in my opinion, other writers are better.
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