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Full Version: what happened to the duet with hyori Lee?
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:roll: well... it's definitely not on this cd. then where is it gonna be on? aiyyyyy Sad
haha i was going to ask...but hyori is looking badd her singing has always sucked

isn't as hot as she use to be
i am still looking foward to it...interesting...
omg didn't u use to love her more than joey?


yhea, i was thinking about that 2. i havent heard any news on it, so i think they forgot abou it.

well hyori cant sing so i wonder y they would pair her up joey? maybe they wanted a hot girl with a gurl that can sing :roll: , (not saying that joey isnt hot)

hope it comes out soon thou!!!


I heard some rumours that it COULD be on Joey's mando cd... afterall, it's korean + mando Rolleyes
hyori is HOT! lol
but man...hyori's singing sucks so bad that it hurts my ears when i listen to it

mando + korean? so hyori was learning mando? i hope they have the duet soon...joey should be marketed in korea...they're missing REAL talent over there *RE*
LOL i also heard from one of my friends that hyori's real hot! ive only seen like 1 pic of her, but i like what i see lol.....shes a singer too? not just a pretty face.....
ahhh...she can't it is JUST a pretty face...if u think she is pretty that is...LOL


she IS pretty but she CANT sing so yea...she is JUST a pretty face Rolleyes
LOL SI MUI!!!....^5!!...

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