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dunno...probably many of u have heard this song...but its DAMN good =/
(link updated)
vid- (37mb)

if request, i can upload kellyjackie's other songs..which are good =) she sings other singer's song as well... and sings them much better...cept for the joey on‌es =/

"He asks me out to Disneyland" [with english lyrics translations]
歌手:KellyJackie | 作曲:kellyjackie @ Royals
填詞:海藍 @ Royals / 許願庭 @ Royals | 編曲:林柿 @ Royals
兜過幾個圈 看木馬旋轉 美夢似是遙遠 仍埋藏著繾綣
A few more circles, seeing the merry-go-round, although my dreams are far away, i still won't give up.
快樂旅途中 有沒有熱戀 看著這入場券 如同尋獲溫暖
on the road of happiness, be there passionate love or not, just looking at the ticket makes me feel adored.
笑問你 你話連夜候票再多的困倦 也不怨 似在平靜地說出 絲絲的愛戀
i laugh, you queue overnight to get this, not complaning, you whisper your tender love.
畢生也願記起 香港迪士尼 煙火璀璨夜晚定會很美
The memory i keep for life, Disnleyland Hong Kong, under the stars, charred by fireworks will be spetacular.
坐咖啡杯 溫馨記憶 旋轉中細味 天邊星宿也沒法比
Sitting in the coffeecups, spinning our warm memories, not even the night scene can compare.
今天心碎或痛悲 只需要記住陪伴在你身邊有米妮
Nomatter how the day was, as long as you and Mickey are by my side,
始終可以幸福地 沉迷在美夢裡希冀
I'll be able to sunk joyfully into a fairy-tale dream.
要是你 決定明日伴我去闖天與地 會很美 故事延續下世紀 一生都記起
If it is, that you wish to challenge life's game tomorrow, it'll be grand, the story echoing through the centuries, remembered eternally.
不必理是與非 不需要顧忌 穿梭堡壘內陪伴我嬉戲
No more rights or wrongs, no more worries, let's dance though the Disney castle.
米老鼠 比精品店的美 輕輕靠近 都可使我快樂跳起
Mickey Mouse and the Disney Shop, even close by, will make me jump in excitement.
當 身邊掛著相機 假使到最後還未望到不准你別離
Camera by my side, i won't let you go until until the very end.
可知心裡正準備 無緣合照亦抱緊你
My heart is already waiting, for the unrehersed photo with you in my arms.
公主與白雪都 不需要羨慕 因可跟你在長夜裡擁抱
Snow white and Cinderella, I need not envy, becase i have you with me under the starlight.
見阿拉丁 本想說聲坐飛氈 卻又不可媲美你待我好
Seeing Aladin, showing Jasmine the world, isn't close to how nice you treat me.
星空不算是太高 假使有你在旁陪伴我一起每段路
The sky isn't so high, for i have you by my side, step by step.
可將一切記心內 明日共你愉快傾訴
Cherishing these memories, tomorow we will be able to relive them again.
haha i've heard this song a while ago. its really good. kellyjackie composed it herself. shes a super fan of kelly's. she posted the songs she sang on the net .. then kelly found out and decided to duet with her.. SOO lucky!!


This is such a cute song! KellyJackie is really talented!
haha.. i have the clip where they duet at JSG. anyone want me to post it up? kellyjackie is pretty good. she can do the high notes


ooo gk.. just realised u posted the clip too
i cant dl the that clip the one where u can only watch?'

post the link newb!! thanksss
kellyjackie is being promoted by kelly's only if i can compose a song dedicated to joey and she finds out and come pick me up ! in my dreams tonight
I love this song, I can listen to it all day, very Disney like heheh
thk u....
i've changed the link on GK's post. u can download the live kelly + kellyjackie duet ^^


KJ has mad talents...can sing + compose....
she sings much better den kelly too... she sings high note like its no problem at all =/..dosn't even blink!
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