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Full Version: Joey's Taobao online store: ZUER
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opening june 18! she'll be selling clothes, and then later on twins' clothes will be for sale too

instagram: zuer_shop
[Image: 10455644_692998537433832_58414364982181081_n.jpg]
If I had the money I'd buy her magenta sequined floor show dress from 1314 along with the black Chanel ensemble that opened the show. But, alas....
Eh, not into it so much. Kinda like a hospital gown cut out of a 70's table cloth with glitter (might look nicer on a person vs the mannequin).

Would go for this - but I have neither the money to spare for it nor a place/occasion to wear it
i wouldnt be able to wear her dresses or shoes because she's tall and has bigger feet
everything's on sale! including that dress, cosmic Wink
About $350 Canadian...worth a consideration.... Would be best if they came signed by her or with a photo of her wearing it or something lol