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Full Version: Mimi Chu Mocks Joey's 'Shortness of Breath' Singing (24 Feb 2013)
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Mimi Chu Does the Splits & Calls for Help then Mocks Joey Yung's 'Shortness of Breath' Singing
Sunday February 24, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

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Last night, Mimi Chu kicked off the first of two shows Mimi Chu's Touch Wood Concert 2013 in Hong Kong Coliseum. It was a full house last night. She and the audience spent Lunar New Year laughing all the way. Mimi was telling tasty and 'deceptive' foul jokes the whole night. She led two awakening lions as she performed CNY songs. She was singing and giving out lucky red packets to the audience.

Mimi invited many guests to her concert including 'So Gay' Jerry Koo Ming Wa, King Kong and Susan Tse. When Mimi met her 'son' So Gay from Divas In Distress, she joked a few times: "You 'lo mo' (mother) me!" Everyone in the audience started laughing at her deceptive foul joke.

Then the 58 year old singer tried a challenging move, she successfully did the splits, but unfortunately she wasn't able to get back up and constantly shouted for help. Luckily King Kong was there to help her up. Mimi laughed: "I just became the Mongolian hero, Kublai Khan! King Kong, you must not be like me and do the splits. I'm afraid you might pull a muscle. You'll help me put on medicine? Of course not, I'm afraid you won't have any interest in women after doing so." King Kong then performed No Regrets using his broken Cantonese and a Taiwanese song Only Love Wins. His performance was another funny one, but the audience were still willing to give him lucky red packets to support him. However, when Mimi got back on stage, she scolded him: "You stole my lucky money?! This show is mines, you have to give me half of it, otherwise I will castrate you!" King Kong jokingly pleaded for forgiveness. The audience were laughing loudly at the scene.

A few days ago, Jenny Tseng openly criticized the new generation singers G.E.M and Mag Lam at her concert, but never expected the citizen-loving Mimi Chu would do the same. Last night when she performed Joey Yung's My Pride, she deliberately made loudly breathing sounds in between each line, which sounded like she had a shortage of breath. The entire audience started laughing again. She said: "You have to breathe deeply when you sing this song. After you sing one line, you have to take a breath. I don't understand why some singers have to take breaths in between each line while they sing, wouldn't that be too tiring?" It appears Mimi is indirectly criticizing Joey Yung's singing skills not being strong enough.

Finally, Mimi and Susan Tse performed a Cantonese opera together. Susan said in the new series, she plays a nanny, but Mimi threw out another laugh bomb: "Are you trying to fight for the rice bowl with me? Let me teach you how to be a nanny!"

lol mimi chu has been doing this for years.
right. i dont understand how she is fit to criticise Joey when she herself cant sing well?! anything to get printed on the hk papers
Psh. She's just riding on old news. Joey's breathing while singing has improved a lot since then!