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Full Version: Charmaine Sheh tempted by EEG offer
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Charmaine Sheh tempted by EEG offer
Sunday February 10, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-171032439.html

[Image: 1ffz1.jpg]

It seems that TVB's desire to renew Charmaine Sheh's contract may not be fulfilled, as it was recently rumoured that Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) is aggressively pursuing Charmaine to sign on with them.

Jayne Stars website reported that the management company, home to stars such as Kara Hui, Simon Yam and Joey Yung, allegedly offered the "When Heaven Burns" actress two films each year for HKD 50 million.

With such opportunities going her way, an insider revealed that the actress is very tempted to accept the offer.

The source also stated that if the contract negotiations go well, it is expected that Charmaine will sign with EEG after Lunar New Year.

The company has reportedly been eager to sign more artistes to round out its acting talent after gathering a wide range of singers. Last year, EEG successfully signed on actresses Irene Wan, Michelle Yim, Kara Hui and actor Simon Yam.

Prior to this, Charmaine made a statement saying that she is interested to work with Dayo Wong ? sparking rumours that the actress may be making a comeback with TVB.
so changing to the film industry huh....well I hope so, better not sing for her xD
Has she ever been in a film before? I can't really imagine her in one.
But I agree that she should stay well away from singing. Tongue