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Full Version: GEM's views on HK awards
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I entirely agree with her
oh came across an article on this. ballsy. love it. takes a young girl to expose HK's lamer wonder the entertainment industry is considered a joke compared to its competition. stunt creativity and competition and you're left with rubbish.
lol the opinion is split half half, apparently her company told her to do this.....?
funny cuz you'd expect this video to get a lot of support (especially with HK's music awards dying) yet she's actually been getting quite a lot of criticism for this, whether it be from the general public or people in the industry (including ppl like Pong Nam who's never won much from CRHK himself). I guess it look's bad because it comes off as her being a sore loser...especially after stating a few weeks earlier she was excited for CRHK because it is respected.

I do somewhat agree with what she said though, and she has all the right to be upset because her results this year were really not bad. CRHK has also lost a lot of it's transparency, especially with the 'My Favourite' category. And as the most 'respected' and 'fair' awards ceremony, they make their biases towards certain companies a bit obvious
jenny tseng sounds full of herself
the only two award shows I usually follow are CRHK and RTHK, but GEM not getting a single award at CRHK this year boggles my mind
sb, I agree about Jenny Tseng. Although she's probably speaking some sort of truth, the way she's come out to announce it makes her seem rather attention-seeking.

I agree with GEM but she's not very good at backing her words up with actions. She attacks CRHK but then turns around and attends JSG ...?
yeah... the way she said it i thought she was going to boycott all of them