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Full Version: Qingfeng performs In Front of Time at Sodagreen concert
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AWESOME! The fact that the song's good enough for him to perform at his own concert shows that he didn't just give Joey some reject LOL (i'm pretty sure 小小 was just a reject that Jay didn't want, tho the song's decent)
小小 is great whether it is a reject or not. i dont think jay would have done the song justice. well, he doesn't do justice to a lot of his own songs anyway. 這就是愛嗎 is probably a JJ reject
^yeah JJ didn't even use it in his "She Says" album lol tho he sounded pretty good when he sang a snippet of it during that event. I guess it feels less like a reject tho cuz he's friends (somewhat) with Joey, and because JJ's former company has a partnership with EEG. I dont even know if Joey and Jay had any correspondence regarding the song :S
i doubt it