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Full Version: Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 Winners List
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[Image: 6D4249E7A674EBD761757D515B815.jpg]
Reported by: Lim Wen Ying, Joanna Goh, Lee Wei Lin, May Lim

Photos: Calvin Wong, Angie Ng

Check out the full winners list below!

Most Popular Male Artiste Award

Show Luo

Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes Award

Eason Chan
JJ Lin
Show Luo
Hu Xia
Aska Yang

Most Popular Female Artiste Award

Joey Yung

Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes Award

Joey Yung
Li Yu Chun
Jane Zhang
Rainie Yang
Hebe Tian

Most Popular Band Award


Most Popular Group Award

Da Mouth
Super Junior-M

Most Popular Composing Artiste Award

Tanya Chua
Shane Cao
Penny Tai

Most Popular Duet Award

'You Are Written n My Song' - Sodagreen and Ella Chen

Most Potential New Artiste Award

Wanting Qu
Shane Cao
Kimberly Chen

Top 20 Hits of the Year

'Valentine's Day' - A-do
'Till The World Ends' - Olivia
'Never Learn' - JJ Lin
'Bie Zhao Wo Ma Fan' - Tanya Chua
'How Do We Love' - Wu Jiahui
'Flower Trees' - Joey Yung
'Gu Du Huan Zhe' - Eason Chan
'3650' - TWINS
'That Man' - Aska Yang
'We Are All Fools' - Rainie Yang
'My Love' - Hebe Tian
'Noah's Ark' - Mayday
'Count On Me' - Show Luo
'Maybe De Ji Lv' - Da Mouth
'Wo De Ge Sheng Li' - Wanting Qu
'Those Years' - Hu Xia
'Hao Bu Rong Yi' - Jane Zhang
'Zhi Shi Tai Ai Ni' - Hins Cheung
'Hao Nan De' - Ding Dang
'Hao Peng You Zhi Shi Peng You' - Yu Kewei


i think the list is incomplete because the news said that joey won 4 awards
surprised Flower Trees won...i thought it'll be Wallpaper...