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Full Version: Golden Horse Awards Nominees - Chapman nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Diva
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Nominees for Golden Horse Awards 2012

Best Director
Gao Qun Shu Beijing Blues
Lou Ye Mystery
Johnnie To Life without Principle
Yang Ya Che Gf*Bf
Doze Niu Chen-Zer LOVE

Best New Director
Yang Yi-Chien, Jim Wang Cha Cha for Twins
Fung Kai Din Tao: Leader of the Parade
Hero Lin Silent Code
Tsai Yueh Hsun Black & White: The Dawn of Assault
Chang Jung-Chi Touch of the Light

Best Leading Actor
Nick Cheung Nightfall
Lau Ching Wan Life without Principle
Joseph Chang Gf*Bf
Chapman To Vulgaria
Nicholas Tse The Viral Factor

Best Leading Actress
Bai Baihe Love is Not Blind
Hao Lei Mystery
Denise Ho Life without Principle
Gwei Lun-Mei Gf*Bf
Sandrine Pinna Touch of the Light

Best Supporting Actor
Wu Gang White Deer Plain
Chang Shu-Hao Gf*Bf
Ronald Cheng Vulgaria
Zhuang Kai-Xun Stilt
Chapman To DIVA

Best Supporting Actress
Dada Chan Vulgaria
Amber Kuo LOVE
Ivy Chen Yi-Han LOVE
Liang Jing Design of Death
Fan Hsiao-Shuan The Silent War

Best Feature Film
Beijing Blues
Life without Principle
The Bullet Vanishes

Congrats! it'll be better if he was nominated for Director...
oh wow i didnt even notice his supporting actor nomination! My focus was mainly on Denise's nomination lol but it's good to see the panel actually giving Diva some serious consideration! Despite it not being Joey's nomination, having some sort of Golden Horse nomination attached to the movie is definitely a good sign. Let's hope Diva gets a few more nominations when it's time for the HKFAs Big Grin even if it's not for a major category (wouldn't be surprised as the competition is narrowed)