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Full Version: Linda Chung wants to break into singers' circle, hope to befriend Kelly & Joey
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Linda Chung wants to break into singers' circle, hope to befriend Kelly Chen & Joey Yung
Saturday September 8, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao Weekly, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @

[Image: rdlw1.jpg]

Very Miserable Without Any Friends

On stage for a minute requires 10 years of work offstage. When singing live on stage, it is already difficult enough for a singer to pay attention to both their singing and breathing, but having to fit into the singers' social circle was also a difficulty for Linda. "After all I'm focused on acting. When I'm with other singers, I felt like I didn't really fit in. It is not because they aren't friendly, but rather every time I finish singing a song, I'm in such a hurry to leave so I could get back into filming, I basically had no time to get accustomed or communicate with anyone. Actually within a circle, it is extremely miserable without any friends. I hope this year there will be changes for me. I will take initiative and chat with other singers. I'll officially break into the singers' circle."

Who does Linda want to chat with the most? "I really want to meet Kelly Chen, I really like her. Also, she's a straightforward person. I want to talk to Joey Yung as well because she's good at everything she does. Whether if its her singing or dancing, she can really bring a strong and positive atmosphere. I want to know how much effort she had to put in behind the scenes."
hmm linda's singing is not very good imo.
(dunno how to translate...)
^Squeaky vocals.

But I LOVE LINDA! I like her voice (although I admit, her vocals doesn't allow for a large variety of songs) But other than that her singing's good, and the music is actually good <3
she has an accent that's kinda annoying...but her songs are okay Smile kinda sad she had to say 'she wants to befriend kelly and joey'... i thought joey and linda were friends already... -__-