Joey nominated for two CASH Golden Sail Awards

The CASH Golden Sail Awards is presented every year by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). While not the most high profile music awards ceremony in Hong Kong, it is noted for being the only popular music awards voted purely by musicians and music professionals. It is in that sense Hong Kong’s only pop music awards based purely on ‘music’ and ‘quality’, and is generally well regarded within the industry.

This year Joey is nominated for two awards: Best Female Singer Performance for ‘續集'; and Best Vocal Collaboration/Group Performance for ‘愛情也有生命’ with Leo Ku.

Throughout her career, Joey has won two Golden Sail Awards, both times for Best Female Singer Performance (the two times being in 2003 for ‘爭氣’ and last year for ‘天窗’). In addition, lyricist Chow Yiu Fai won Best Lyrics for his work in Joey’s 2012 song ‘蜉蝣’, and Chan Kwong Wing won Best Melody in 2003 for Joey’s iconic hit, ‘我的驕傲’. Joey is one of only three female singers to have won the Best Female Singer Performance award more than once, after Kay Tse (four wins) and Stefanie Sun (three wins).

The winners will be announced November 3rd. See the full final nominations list here.

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