Joey releases new plug ‘天然呆'; reveals upcoming projects

After nine months of waiting, Joey finally releases her first ‘proper’ plug of the year and the first plug from her next CD release! As revealed earlier on Instagram, the song’s title is 天然呆, which refers to when someone thinks about nothing/stares into blankness. In an interview at CR2 (903), Joey reveals that the idea to do this song came from Wyman Wong. This song will be released as part of a concept EP, in which Wyman will act for the first time as the album producer. The concept behind the EP is to release something ‘just for fun’, and in this case a song that Wyman feels best reflects Joey’s true, silly self. Aside from lyrics by Wyman and composition by Janet Yung, Harris Ho (何秉舜, aka. Hobing@goomusic) also helped with the arrangement and the production.

In the same interview, Joey revealed that the second plug will be written by 盧東尼 (Tony Arevalo Jr), a well known Hong Kong songwriter from the 1970s and 80s who has not been active for years. Tony is famous for the Japanese-style songs he wrote for many of the biggest stars of the 70s and 80s including Alan Tam, Paula Tsui, Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, etc. He is also responsible for the arrangement of Teresa Teng’s classic, 月亮代表我的心. Joey also reveals that she is concurrently working on two other albums, confirming that there will be a full length Cantonese album with Alex Fung as producer, as well as a Mandarin greatest hits album.

As with most of Joey’s new releases, this song is available for download on iTunes as a commercial single, along  with KTV and background music versions, and a commentary from Joey.

One thought on “Joey releases new plug ‘天然呆'; reveals upcoming projects

  1. Yay! New song! :D
    I’m not too crazy about this song though. Maybe I’m just not in the right moment for all the daydreamy-ness … it’s been growing on me with each repeat but it’s still not that appealing to me right now. The MV is pretty awesome though (as is the other one with Charlene, Gillian & Yumiko).

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