Metro Mandarin Music Awards + JG Special Feature Vol. 2

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards were held on August 26, with Joey winning a total of four awards:

  • Metro Mandarin Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Hot K Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Highest Airplay for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Global Best Female Singer

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards are not the most prestigious awards ceremony by any measure. Yet, they are often able to (somehow) attract a decent number of big name artists popular in the greater Chinese or Asia region, which leads to interesting interactions between Joey and artists we often do not see.

However, this year we would like to focus on a specific interaction Joey had with a local talent – the very talented and saxy, Phil Lam. Without going into too much detail, Phil meeting Joey backstage is of a very special significance to some of us here, so I will go ahead and translate what Phil posted on his FB/Weibo accounts:


The incredible Joey Yung!! I remember a few years ago when I came to Hong Kong to compete in the Global New Talent Singing Awards, I saw you and you told me to add oil. Today I was able to meet you again, and officially introduce myself to you. That same fan from years ago was actually me!

Original text:

The incredible Joey Yung !! 記得幾年前我回到香港參加全球華人新秀時,我有見過你,你還叫我要加油,今日我在頒獎禮和你再見面,向你正式再介紹自己,其實我就是當年那位粉絲



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