Joey x Nicholas Tse collaboration!

Watch the video of Nic playing the guitar while Joey sings 讓我們走下去 Let Us Walk On (composed by Nic himself for the movie 一生一世, which also stars Nic). This marks the fourth time Joey sings a song written by Nic, the first three being the 2001 classic 告解, and 2003’s  一首傳世之歌 and 不想回家. Joey and Nic have filmed the MV for this new movie theme song, but has yet to be released.

Here is a link to the acoustic performance by Joey and Nic:

Here’s the full song:


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6 thoughts on “Joey x Nicholas Tse collaboration!

  1. Just had a delicious nightcap of some Junmai Saké and will write this out before I get too comfortable (AKA; Fall the fuck asleep).

    “Gou Gai” was a much better endeavor. This sounds and comes off like any other Taiwanese Drama serial theme song. It’s too damn “soft” – it could use a healthy dose of bite.

  2. Had a dirty dream about Joey after getting a little too drunk last night at a party: We were in a penthouse and there was Pitbull’s “Timbre” playing – there were a bunch of us doing shots and dancing and there was this really tall girl in front of me wearing a pink mini skirt, pink fuck me heels, and nothing but a black lace bra on top – her face wasn’t too clear but as we danced harder it turned into Joey lol. We grinded for a while and did shots – she had a zebra print thongkini (more coverage than a thong less than a bikini) under and a deliciously naughty grin on her face.

    I woke up rather, hot. needless to say lol.

  3. iTunes is selling this EP with 2 KTV versions as well as Joey explaining this song! And I must say that I prefer the forum more, it felt more interactive.

  4. Hi Khiwwie, thanks for letting us know! And thanks for the feedback. The forum looked ‘sad’ since it’s supposed to be more interactive but it didn’t feel that way when so few people were posting/replying, which is why it was converted to a blog. We’ll see how things go with the blog. :) It does feel kinda different posting here.

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