Veteran Japanese Singer-songwriter Mayumi Itsuwa composes Joey’s next plug


As mentioned earlier, it is wise to take whatever Joey says about future releases with a grain of salt. Joey revealed on social media yesterday (November 15) that her second ‘proper’ plug of the year will not be the song written by veteran Hong Kong musician Tony Arevalo Jr, a musician known for his ‘J-pop sounding compositions’. However, still expect it to sound like 1980s J-pop, as the next plug will be a song written specifically for Joey by veteran Japanese singer-songwriter, Mayumi Itsuwa.

Joey had met Mayumi Itsuwa at a lunch event earlier this year when the veteran singer came to Hong Kong for her 40th Anniversary concert. At the event, Joey bravely asked Mayumi if she could write a song for her. To Joey’s surprise, Mayumi sent Joey a demo less than a month after her request.

The Oricon chart-topping veteran first rose to fame in Japan with her 1980 hit single, Koibito yo, which was followed by a series of hits that helped solidify her popularity all over Asia throughout the 1980s. In Hong Kong, she is known for being the original singer and composer of a number of covers that became Cantopop classics in their own rights, including Paula Tsui’s 夜風中 and Alan Tam’s 忘不了你 and 雨絲情愁.

The song is now being finished with the help of lyricist Wyman ‘YY’ Wong, producer for the ‘JYYY’ side project that this song will be a part of along with 天然呆 and the Arevalo song; as well as Leo Chan, ‘Ho Bing’, and Joey’s longtime producer Schumann. The new song is expected to hit the airwaves November 18, 2014.

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